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Key to Course Numbers

Each course number consists of a prefix (such as BI, HT, or MN), a three-digit course number and a one-letter suffix (D, T or W).

The prefix refers to the curriculum division in which the course is offered:








Supervised Practice of Ministry (Field Education)



The three-digit course number refers to the following classifications. Although some courses presuppose a certain level of preparation, students are free to take any course they wish, provided appropriate prerequisite requirements are met and their advisor approves.

000 level

Courses whose first digit is 0 do not ordinarily receive credit in a seminary degree program

400/500 level

Foundational classes open to upper level undergraduates and first year seminarians

500 level

First year seminary courses open only to seminary students

600 level

Courses designed for middler students

700 level

Courses designed for senior students

800 level

Doctor of Ministry courses

The letter following the course number identifies which seminary is offering the course, or whether it is cooperatively offered by both seminaries:


University of Dubuque Theological Seminary


Wartburg Theological Seminary


Jointly offered by the Schools of Theology in Dubuque

Course Descriptions

The course descriptions below represent a listing of courses presently available at the Schools of Theology in Dubuque. Courses may not be available in every instance precisely as described here. Full information on available courses, including objectives, content and requirements, is published each semester and available to all current students prior to registration.

Courses offered at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary are listed first, followed by the listing of courses at Wartburg Theological Seminary.

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