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Ministry Opportunities - Students

Field Education Program
Rev. Sue LeFeber, Director
Phone: 563.589.3114

The Field Education Office supplies access to ministry opportunities from a variety of denominations.  UDTS receives information regarding full and part -time ministry opportunities locally and from across the country.   Each opportunity is posted for 3 months and is available online to current students as well as graduates. 

These positions are supplied as a resource for UDTS students and graduates and are not endorsed by the Field Education office.  If you have questions about any of these positions feel free to stop in the office or email  Application for any of the positions should be made as directed in the listing. 


Usually, no stipend is offered for the basic unit of CPE. If students choose to take CPE after the basic unit has been completed, they may be offered stipends by the hospital/CPE site.  For additional information go to:

Students should consult with the UD Business Office for information about the various fee structures and options for receiving transcript credit for the CPE work completed. Students should be aware that there is a limit to the number of SPM credits that can be counted toward graduation, and in some cases it is advisable to register for CPE for credit within the Ministry Division using the MN681 course number rather than the SPM course number, SPM681.

A student pastor is a seminary student assigned to lead worship and perform other pastoral functions on weekends. The opportunity offers several advantages to small congregations including: consistency of weekly worship leadership, the availability of pastoral care for the sick or the hospitalized, and the church acting as a teaching congregation by providing practical experience for a student pastor. During this period, the presbytery of a Presbyterian church will appoint a minister of Word and Sacrament to moderate the session.

PC (USA) churches
non-PC (USA) churches
United Methodist internship or SPM placement
United Methodist student pastor placement