Pulpit Supply

Field Education Program
email: placement@dbq.edu 
Phone: 563.589.3115 
Fax: 563.589.3628


The Pulpit Supply program is designed to give students experience and to help meet temporary needs of area congregations, such as when the regular pastor is out of town, sick, or otherwise unable to conduct services. For longer-term needs, we recommend hiring a student pastor.  Both cases are covered in the guidelines document.  Click here to review the guidelines document.

Suggested Remuneration (compensation) for Supply Preachers
Student honorarium for one service  $75.00
Student honorarium for each additional service that same day  $40.00
Faculty honorarium - also receive mileage compensation $100.00 
Faculty honorarium - for each additional service that same day $50.00
Mileage reimbursement - round trip IRS determined rate

To request pulpit supply, please complete a Pulpit Supply Information Form  and return to the Field Education office via email, placement@dbq.edu.