University of Dubuque

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of a fall semester of four months (September - December), a one-month January interim and a spring semester of four months (February - May).

Each year the Schools of Theology in Dubuque sponsor a summer Greek language program (see Summer Programs in the Special Programs and Services section).

Course Descriptions


Seminary Academic Calendar 2014-15

August Term 2014

July 21-August 1                 August Pre-load

August 2-4                          Distance New Student Orientation

August 4-15                        August Intensive

August 18-29                      August Post-load


Fall 2014

August 27-29                      Residential New Student Orientation

Sept. 2                                Fall Semester Classes Begin

Sept 15                               Last day to Add/Drop

Oct.  13-17                          Reading Week

Nov. 24-28                          Research and Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 8                                 Last day of Seminary classes

Dec. 9                                 Reading Day

Dec. 10-13                          Final Exams


J-term 2015

Dec. 16- Jan. 2                    January Pre-load

Jan. 5-16                             January Intensive

Jan. 6                                  Last day to Add/Drop

Jan. 13                                Last day to withdraw with a W or change grading option

Jan. 16                                Graduation Applications Due

Jan. 19-30                           January Post-load


Spring 2015

Feb. 2                                  Spring Semester Classes begin

Feb. 13                                Last day to add/Drop

Mar. 9-13                             Reading Week

Mar. 30 - Apr. 3                   Research and Easter Break

Apr. 7-9                               Spring Renewal

May 8                                  Last day of Classes

May 11-12                           Reading Days

May 13-16                           Final Exams

May 16                                Commencement


Doctor of Ministry 2015

May 18-29

Jan. 7 Last day to Add/Drop
Jan.  14 Last day to withdraw with a W or change grading option