Special Programs and Electives

In addition to regular seminary courses, the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary also offers a number of special programs to enrich the education received by our students and to focus on particular areas of interest.Special programs include:

  • The United Methodist Program is designed for our students who are preparing for a ministry in the United Methodist Church or another denomination within the Wesleyan tradition. As part of their seminary education, these students receive approved instruction in United Methodist history, doctrine and polity. Courses are also offered in the Theology of John Wesley and in United Methodist Worship. Read more
  • Summer Programs. Each summer UDTS offers several courses online, including three courses that are designed for the preparation of candidates in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Both degree students at UDTS and unclassified students (including those seeking a degree at another theological seminary) are eligible for admission to these summer classes. Students may also participate in SPM or CPE opportunities, or complete their Greek requirement through an intensive residential opportunity. Read more
  • ServicesA number of academic resources and social life opportunities are available to those who are a part of the UDTS community. Read more