Young Adult Ministry Program

Each academic year a select number of UDTS seminary students in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Arts in Mission and Discipleship (MAMD) programs will engage in vital programming with undergraduate students at the University of Dubuque. As the seminary students progress through their program of study, they will assume increasing responsibility for elements of student life, academic, and campus ministry programming to first year students, under the mentorship of faculty and staff. By graduation, these students will have a rich set of experiences and coursework in young adult ministry/faith formation to bring to the church, parachurch, or higher education. 

We will offer a limited number of young adult ministry fellowships for this program which will provide full tuition remission (up to 25 credits per year for the MDiv and up to 20 credits per year for the MAMD) and on-campus housing. Given satisfactory academic progress, assistantships are renewable for four years for the MDiv degree and two years for the MA degree.

Applicants should possess:
  • Mature Christian faith
  • Passion for young adult ministry/faith formation, evidenced in previous experiences
  • Strong academic background
  • Recommendation of Christian leaders in their school or church

For more information, please contact Kimberly Burnett-Hackbarth at

Application deadline is March 1, 2018 

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Additional Information

Young Adult Ministry Fellows in both the Master of Arts in Mission and Discipleship (2 year) and the Master of Divinity (4 year) will engage with first-year University of Dubuque college students through New Student Orientation and World View Seminar courses. Practical experiences geared toward professional preparation include facilitating small group interactions, planning curricular elements, working with social and visual media, assessing and improving programs, and mentoring and leading young adults. Fellowships include twenty hours per week during the school year of some scheduled and some flexible work time; some evening and weekend hours may be required.

The first year of the fellowship focuses on building administrative skills such as data collection, report writing, and facilitating large scale programming. Assistants will also mentor first-year students and teach sections of a common first-year course, known as World View Seminar I. This class centers on concepts of students’ personal strengths, character and integrity, the Christian story, and worldview development.

The second year of the fellowship builds on knowledge gained in the first year. YAM fellows will make program improvements, train new assistants, help plan and implement large scale programming efforts, as well as mentor new students and teach World View Seminar I.

Third and fourth year YAM fellows in the Master of Divinity program, will work with service learning  protocol for common courses, mixed media presentations for large first-year student audiences, leadership within the graduate assistant team, as well as mentoring students and teaching World View Seminar I.

The two or four-year fellowship experience will prepare you for Christian ministry and mission in teaching, chaplaincy, congregations, mission to and with young adults, or student life programs on college campuses. If you have further questions about the nature of the Young Adult Ministry Fellowships please contact Ms. Kimberly Burnett-Hackbarth, Director of Seminary Admissions, at or Dr. Lindsey Ward, Director of First-Year Experience, at