Distance Learners

The portion of the student body studying in the distance platform connect in many different ways with the greater student body at UDTS – in academics and also in student life.  Lunches during August residency are open to all students. Student Council meets in August as well as all school year long and includes representation from every distance cohort, every residential class, commuter groups, and the undergraduate seminary-bound 3-3 program.  Apart from the August face-to-face gatherings, meetings are held by conference call and skype at a variety of times convenient to those in different time zones with diverse work schedules.  The community at UDTS goes well beyond student government and August gatherings and worship.  Conversation, intercessory prayer, mission initiatives, and worship planning take place on an ongoing basis on the group page of the UDTSLearning.net.  Voting for all positions on Student Council are done online. Students often have classes that encourage study groups and discussions for those online and those in residential classes.

Community Life at UDTS for all students:

  • Worship and Spiritual Life
  • Fellowship and Recreation
  • Housing