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In addition to regular seminary courses, continuing education seminars are offered to meet the needs of pastors and laity. Leadership for these seminars comes from the seminary faculty and from the church. Some continuing education events take place off-campus, in cooperation with presbyteries, conferences or other governing bodies.

Continuing education units (CEU) are available for most continuing education events. It is not necessary to be enrolled in a degree program to participate in continuing education seminars.

Students enrolled in UDTS degree programs are, with the approval of the Dean, permitted to participate in continuing education programs and, in most cases, at no additional expense.

Lifelong Learning (also known as Continuing Education) at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary is designed to enrich the ministry of pastors and lay people as they seek to lead the church in the twenty first century. Dubuque Seminary has a deep appreciation for and strong commitment to the local church. Our programs offer opportunities for growth and renewal.

Our Continuing Education programs are centered around three basic concepts:

  • A series of lectures to stimulate and challenge vision for ministry
  • Cutting edge technology and distance learning programs
  • A new emphasis on growing the mainline church - Evangelism for a new day

As you read through our offerings for 2006-2007, you will discover exciting new lecture series, cutting edge ministry and technology programs, and a new "growing the mainline church" emphasis.

Details and costs will be posted soon. To reserve a place in any event, email our Continuing Education Department with the event name and your contact information. We will call and take your registration by phone. Registration for the Lay Pastor Training Classes can be accomplished online.

Online Training for Lay Leaders and Lay Pastors
UDTSlearning is a program that offers complete training for lay pastors and lay leaders. It is all online and it is the largest program of its kind in the nation. Visit the web site of for complete details and to apply / enroll online.