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Master of Arts Degree in Missional Christianity.

 Following Christ, Engaging the World  

What does it mean to be a faithful follower of Jesus in today's world? How does our faith impact our vocation and avocation? The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary offers a new degree in Mission that explores how our identity in Christ and our calling to participate in God's mission in the world orients our life, our work and our service. 

The Master of Arts in Missional Christianity will equip women and men for competent leadership in missional ministry in congregations or other settings.  This may take the form of ministers of outreach, urban ministry, new church development, youth ministry, parish nursing, or work with para-church organizations.

We are fortunate to have faculty in place with special expertise in the area of mission, and many other professors who will teach well toward this emphasis and provide a strong foundation for the program.

Our coordinator for the MAMC Program is Dr. Amanda Benckhuysen, Assistant Professor of Old Testament. Core mission faculty members are: Dr. Bonnie Sue Lewis, Associate Professor of Mission and Native American Christianity; Dr. Les Longden, Associate Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship; and Dr. Beth McCaw, Pastor to Students and Instructor in Ministry.

Educational Goals
The student will:
1) Articulate and reflect critically and constructively on the biblical and theological foundations of God's mission to the world.
2) Develop, implement, and assess strategies for missional living in a specific cultural context.
3) Adopt spiritual practices that nurture their personal lives as faithful disciples and witnesses.
4) Develop skills and capacities for faithful and competent Christian witness.

Watch a video interview with the MAMC program coordinator

Professors and students in Theology of
Mission and Evangelism class.


The Master of Arts degree is designed to provide a broad understanding of theological disciplines, with a deeper focus of study in a particular area of interest related to specialized ministries.

This degree is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) as either a distance or a residential program.  YOU decide which option is best suited to your personal circumstances and learning style. 

Residential students, see the class schedule here
 MAMC 48 Credit Residential Paradigm
and the 2012-2013 Academic Calendar 

Prospective distance students check out 
 MAMC 48 Credit Distance Paradigm and
Distance Program Acadmic Schedule (subject to change)

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Curriculum Core Courses
BI 511 Old Testament Introduction (3 credits)
BI 550 New Testament Introduction (3 credits)

History Theology
HT500 Early and Medieval Church History (3 credits)
HT 502 Reformation and Modern Church History (3 credits)
* one 3 credit elective must be in Theology

Integrative Courses
IN581 Theology of Mission and Evangelism (3 credits)
IN782 Evangelism and Mission in Context (3 credits)
IN783 Missional Church (2 credits)
IN 521, IN522, IN 722 Spiritual Formation Groups (3 credits total)

Field Ed
FE602 Context and Change with field placement in a missional context (2 credits)
FE 605 Christian Witness in a Changing Culture with field placement in a missional context (2 credits)

Master's Project
6 credit project related to Missional Christianity

Total credits:  48

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