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November 12, 2007
U.D. Student & Spoken Word Artist - A'tira Banks showcases at Isabella's

Dubuque Area Writers Guild incites a revolution of voice and sound on November 14 showcasing Spoken Word Artist A'tira Banks. Over the last five years Banks, a sophomore at The University of Dubuque, has established herself as a Spoken Word Artist competing in midwestern and National Slam Poetry Competitions. In 2004 she took the City Slam title in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and found herself on the road to compete in the National Slam Competition in Los Angeles via Youth Speaks. Founded in San Francisco in 1996, Youth Speaks has helped grow a movement of young people picking up the pen and taking hold of the microphone in the Bay Area and beyond as creators of social, artistic, educational and political change. Politically aware, critically engaged, and unafraid to speak, Banks and other young artists like her are moving themselves into positions of power - claiming voice when they've been voiceless, and access where they've been sidelined. Writers Guild Moderator Paula Neuhaus believes in creating a spotlight for all word artists and invites you to tune in to the voices that are growing in our community. "The written and spoken word finds power in a variety of forms," Neuhaus says, "All voices and all genres are essential." Writers Guild takes the stage on Wednesday, November 14, at 8 PM at Isabella's, 1375 Locust in Dubuque.