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December 11, 2008
University Announces New College Academic Calendar

Today, University President Jeffrey F. Bullock announced a new academic calendar for the University's undergraduate and graduate programs. After more than three years of discussion, consultation, and review by faculty and staff task forces and the President's Cabinet, the decision has been made to begin implementation of a new academic calendar in the fall semester, 2009.

"I want to thank the Calendar Task Force for their fine work that is the foundation of this new academic calendar for the University," stated President Bullock. "The task force has consulted broadly and, upon reflection, developed an academic calendar that I believe will result in both academic enrichment for students and many creative opportunities for teaching faculty."

The 4-1-4 calendar will consist of a four month fall term (September-December), a one month January Term (J-Term), and a four month spring term (February-May). The January Term will make available structured time for off-campus (domestic and international) studies, and innovative, accelerated
on-campus courses.

In addition, the new calendar has the following features:
" Three "Faculty Days" and a "Department Day" in the week preceding fall term for orientation, professional development and program planning;
" Post-Labor Day start every year that permits a 15-week semester to be scheduled before the Christmas holiday.;
" A full week break for faculty and students at Thanksgiving which parallels the full week break in the middle of spring term;
" A January term made up of 13-days;
" Two Faculty Days at the end of spring term; and
" Commencement the third weekend in May.

"I am excited about the flexibility and new learning options that the 4-1-4 calendar makes possible," reports John R. Stewart, vice president for academic affairs. "Several faculty members have already planned innovative J-Term offerings. Students are also eager to take advantage of more opportunities for
hands-on learning and innovative cultural immersion courses."

This new calendar will be implemented in phases. In 2008-2009, this calendar will define the college's Faculty and Department Days, term start and end dates, exam days, and breaks. The January 2010 term will be used by volunteer faculty who wish to pilot-test J-Term courses. However, full implementation of the J-Term will not occur until January 2011.

An expanded, faculty-staff Task Force is currently working to define the policies that will govern J-Term,

The Cabinet will gather information about the effectiveness and success of the new calendar, review evaluations, and make indicated adjustments starting spring term, 2012.