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February 16, 2009
UD Receives Funding for Women's Science Research Projects

The University of Dubuque recently received a $6,600 grant from The Monticello College Foundation (Godfrey, IL) to fund science research experiences for women.

Projects funded by this grant encourages talented women students to explore the field of science by offering hands-on, research experiences as well as opportunities for presentation in professional conferences.

Nine women environmental science students will work on projects focused on several different research themes. The selected students will participated in the following on-going or newly-developed research projects - flying squirrel ecology (Frances Eggers, senior, environmental science and biology, Clinton, IA), carnivore community ecology (Elizabeth Dunn, first-year, environmental science, Rock Island, IL), plant molecular genetics (Heidi Hoffman, senior, biology, Farley, IA); leg volume measurements (Maxie Blasini, first-year, biology, San Juan, Puerto Rico); factors in water quality deterioration (Kim Parsons, junior, environmental science, Dubuque, IA and Mariah Husheena, sophomore, environmental science and aviation, Chicago, IL); water-quality impacts of pervious pavement (Brittany Stringer, sophomore, environmental science, Bettendorf, IA); and coldwater stream ecology in Dubuque County parks (Mikaela Tully, senior, environmental science, Dubuque, IA; and Kayleen Keehner, senior, environmental science, Guttenberg, IA).

"This is the third year that we have received support from the Monicello College Foundation for Women in Science, and our program is growing," said Dr. Dale Easley, head of the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences. "This grant will enable these nine students to deepen their scientific knowledge and expand their contacts with others working in related fields, becoming the next generation of scientific leaders and educators."

Funds from the grant will be used for various components of the research project, including stipends for participants, equipment, and supplies. Funds will also be used to attend a science conference where students will have the opportunity to present their research and findings.

The Monticello College Foundation was formed in 1971. Monticello College, a two-year college for women, closed at that time and the campus was sold to the State of Illinois and became Lewis & Clark Community College. The charter of Monticello College was legally amended to be the charter of Monticello College Foundation with the same purpose - "to promote female education."

The College was founded in 1838 by Benjamin Godfrey who had eight daughters. His desire was that women would have the same opportunities for a good education that men had and the curriculum at that time was based on that of Harvard and Yale. During most of the existence of Monticello College, there was also a preparatory school for high school age girls. It was said that Benjamin Godfrey's philosophy was - "When you educate a man, you educate an individual. When you educate a woman, you educate a family."

The Monticello College Foundation offers scholarships for women to study in all fields and thus carries on the rich heritage of Benjamin Godfrey and Monticello College.