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March 25, 2010
University of Dubuque Students Receive Aviation Scholarships

University of Dubuque aviation students Amber Sulzner (Senior, Mechanicsville, IA) and Megan Bohn (sophomore, Port Edwards, WI) were named the recipients of two aviation scholarships during the 2010 Women in Aviation, International (WAI) Conference in Orlando, FL.

The From Rose to Rise Scholarship was awarded to Megan Bohn. This scholarship is given to someone who has soloed and is working toward a private pilot certificate. The individual shows a well-rounded aviation interest besides piloting, such as active participation in aviation groups, and demonstrated interest/participation in aviation history, promotion, and/or education. (Scholarship valued at $500)

Amber Sulzner was one of three recipients of the Women in Aviation, International Achievement Award . This scholarship is awarded to two full-time college or university students pursuing any type of aviation or aviation related career. A third scholarship is awarded to an individual, not required to be a student, pursuing any type of aviation. (Each scholarship valued at $1,000)

"It has been my pleasure to work with Amber and Megan as active members of the University of Dubuque Women in Aviation Chapter," said Polly Kadolph, professor of aviation. "Amber conducts herself with a great deal of integrity and professionalism; she is an outstanding example of how tenacity, a positive attitude, and refined leadership skills combine to result in amazing achievements. Megan is trustworthy and possesses a positive attitude; she is dedicated to the aviation community and continually exhibits great enthusiasm for involvement in the industry."

Women in Aviation, International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. WAI began in 1990 and was formally established in 1994 to encourage women to seek opportunities in aviation. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, of the nearly 700,000 active pilots in the United States, less than six percent are women and only slightly more than two percent are Airline Transport Pilot rated. Women account for only 2.13 percent of the more than 540,000 non-pilot aviation jobs in the United States.