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June 21, 2011
UD for KIDS Celebrates 20 Years of Fun!

The Summer 2011 UD for KIDS program began on Monday, June 20 - marking the 20 year anniversary for the popular children's program. This year's program will bring young students to the campus during the weeks of June 20-24 for grades 1-2; June 27 - July 1 for grades 3-4 and July 11-15 for grades 5-7. Classes will be held each day from 12:30-4:00 p.m. at the University.

UD for KIDS offers summer academic enrichment through innovative hands-on learning experiences. The program, now celebrating its 20th summer, was developed to meet the needs of academically talented and gifted students in the tri-state area. Students select two classes from a variety of choices. The small classes are taught by instructors who inspire student discovery and encourage teamwork - collaborative learning - in areas such as creative arts, math/computers, science, humanities/social studies, writing, and music.

"We are thrilled to celebrate 20 years of UD for KIDS this summer!" commented UD for KIDS coordinator, Cheryl Werner. "Our all-time favorite classes, such as UD Kids Iron Chef , UD Nurse Force, Wacky and Wild Investigations, Cooking Kids, 3-2-1 Lift-off, Mini Musical, American Dolls, Scratch, and Floating Down the Muddy Mississippi, join a few new classes including: Check Mate, Toon Time, Awesome Amphibians and Rockin' Reptiles, Simply Separating Solutions, Can You Build It?, Wet, Wild, & Waterlogged, Tooth and Claw, and Adventure Bound-Blabberize It. Our flagship courses, Beginning and Advanced Aviation , taught at the Dubuque Regional Airport, always fill quickly. We are so excited to offer these enriching experiences for area students. We are also thrilled about our new partnership with The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. UD for Kids continues to serve gifted and talented students in the tri-state area! We are honored to welcome these students to our beautiful campus!"