University of Dubuque

Timothy Slemmons

 Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Worship
 B.S., Kansas State University; M.Div., Th. M., Columbia Theological Seminary;  
 Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary; joined the U.D.T.S. staff in 2008.

 Contact info:
332 Severance, 563-589-3578.

Timothy Matthew Slemmons, Associate Professor of Homiletics and Worship, has served two Presbyterian congregations, as pastor (Tarentum, PA) and interim pastor (Titusville, NJ). His research interests include lectionary expansion (Year D: A Quadrennial Supplement to the RCL); the Reformed tradition of expository, lectio continua preaching; revival preaching in the first and second Great Awakenings; and the vein of dialectical homiletics running from Kierkegaard to Forsyth, Barth, and Bonhoeffer (Groans of the Spirit: Homiletical Dialectics in an Age of Confusion). His current approach to homiletical pedagogy seeks to leverage the wisdom of devotional, edifying literature for practical and effective approaches to preaching. Slemmons is the author of a newly completed four-volume lectionary-based series of Liturgical Elements for Reformed Worship, which includes Lightning from the East (Year A); When Heaven Stands Open (Year B); The Joyful Feast (Year C); and Greater Attention, a collection of resources to encourage and support the use of Year D.

Timothy Matthew Slemmons is available to teach and/or facilitate workshops in:

  • Year D: Selected Texts and their Relevance for the Church Today
  • The Psalms in the Devotional and Worship Life of the Church
  • The Structure of the Liturgical Year
  • The Essentials of Preaching for the Ruling Elder
  • Foundations of Worship in the Reformed Tradition
  • An Author for Authors: How to Read and Make Sense of Kierkegaard