Young Adult Ministry Scholars

Join our Young Adult Ministry Scholars (YAMS) Program and earn a theological graduate degree while actively working with young adults on our university campus.

This unique program provides 100% tuition scholarships for either the MDiv or MAMD, plus a generous stipend.

You should consider applying for the YAMS program if:

  • You have gifts for ministry and mission among young adults.
  • You desire to use and develop those gifts in the mission of God.
  • You would enjoy living and working on a diverse Christian university campus.
  • You would thrive in graduate courses in leadership, worship, and discipleship.

Working within different departments of the University of Dubuque, YAMS contribute to making the university a diverse and equitable community where Christian love is practiced (drawn from the University of Dubuque mission statement). They participate in a structured program which prepares them for ministry by:

  • Teaching courses for first-year undergrads
  • Developing relationships and programs to welcome international students
  • Taking on responsibilities within residential life
  • Planning activities that promote interfaith conversations
  • Leading Bible studies and music teams in chapel services

YAMS Program Preview 2018-19 

At the same time, Young Adult Ministry Scholars are fully integrated into the seminary Christian learning community. They join other ministry students in study, prayer, and fellowship, and with them, they receive excellent instruction from our talented and experienced faculty, along with personal support from the seminary administration. 

Application deadline is April 1, 2022 

If you are interested in applying for the YAMS Program, please contact UDTS Admission at or 800.369.UDTS

Additional Information

YAM Scholars will engage with first-year University of Dubuque college students through New Student Orientation and World View Seminar courses. Practical experiences for ministry leadership include: facilitating small group interactions, planning curricular elements, working with social and visual media, assessing and improving programs, and mentoring and leading young adults. YAMS work twenty hours per week in the university setting during the school year while taking 18-19 credits of graduate courses.

Young Adult Ministry Scholars Practicum

The YAMS experience will prepare you for Christian mission in teaching, chaplaincy, pastoring, or college student life programs.