UD Alumnus Receives Award

Mar 22, 2010 | University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

University of Dubuque alumnus Amery McIntosh (C'05, MBA'07) has been honored with the State of Texas Alternative Certification Association's (TACA) New Teacher of the Year Award. In addition, he has been nominated for the National Association of Alternative Certification new Teacher of the Year award and will represent the State of Texas in the competition. The award honors interns for their passion, communication, and excellence during their first year of teaching.

An algebra teacher at Pasadena Memorial High School, McIntosh says "To me, being a teacher is more than just teaching math. It is about helping students realize they can be anything. Whether it is coming up with a song to help them remember math, or going to all their after school activities, once they see that their teachers care, they respect what we do and, in turn, try harder in class."

McIntosh's long journey to becoming a teacher began with a bumpy start - as a child, his family moved repeatedly - he attended eight different elementary schools. He began his college career at the University of Houston, was a part of the Teacher-In-Training program with the Pasadena Independent School District, and eventually enrolled at the University of Dubuque to complete his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

"I'm excited about the award because it means my students are doing well," said McIntosh. "I have a great math department and algebra team that has helped me every step of the way."

McIntosh teaches at Pasadena Memorial High School, one of five high schools in the Pasadena Independent School District. The district enrolls more than 52,000 students.