UD for KIDS Record Enrollment Year

Jun 28, 2012 | University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

The summer 2012 UD for KIDS program is now in full swing - bringing young students from first through seventh grade to the University Campus.   Grades 1-2 were present for the program's first week - June 18-22; grades 3-4 are on campus this week - June 25-29; and grades 5-7 will attend classes July 9-13.  Classes are held daily from 12:30-4:00 p.m. at various campus locations.  For the first time ever, UD for KIDS closed enrollment in March and April due to an overwhelming response.  Classes filled extremely quickly - with a current enrollment of 802 students.

UD for KIDS offers summer academic enrichment through innovative hands-on learning experiences.  The program, now celebrating its 21st summer, was developed to meet the needs of academically talented and gifted students in the tri-state area.  Students select two classes from a variety of choices.  The small classes are taught by instructors who inspire student discovery and encourage teamwork - collaborative learning - in areas such as creative arts, math/computers, science, humanities/social studies, writing, and music.

"We are so excited to be welcoming familiar and new faces to the beautiful University of Dubuque campus again!" commented UD for KIDS coordinator, Cheryl Werner.  "Our all-time favorite classes, such as UD Kids Iron Chef, Wacky and Wild Investigations, Cooking Kids, 3-2-1 Lift-off, Mini Musical, Jeepers Creepers, American Dolls, Scratch, and Floating Down the Muddy Mississippi, join a few new classes including: Cupcake Challenge, Fashion Designers, Vicious Fishes, Messin' with Mixtures, Triple AAA, CSI UD Kids, Cool Chemistry, Kerpoof, and Pizza Outside the Box.  Our flagship courses, Beginning and Advanced Aviation, taught at the Dubuque Regional Airport, always fill quickly.  We are so excited to offer these enriching experiences for area students.  We are also thrilled about our continued partnership with The Dubuque River Museum and Aquarium.  UD for Kids continues to serve gifted and talented students in the tri-state area!  We are honored to work with so many families at the University of Dubuque."