Performing Arts, Worship, and Campus Center to be Named Heritage Center

Jan 21, 2013 | University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

President Jeffrey F. Bullock, today announced that the formal name of the Fine, Performing Arts, Worship, and Campus Center at the University of Dubuque is to be Heritage Center.  The Center, sited at the corner of McCormick and Bennett Streets, has an expected move-in date of April 1, 2013.

"Heritage was selected for its dynamic, future-oriented nature - something, such as a custom, that is passed from one generation to another," stated President Bullock.  "We believe that the University that we know today, with all of its traditions and customs, is a product of the work and experiences of all those faculty, staff, students, and trustees who have preceded us in this place.  We also believe that, as part of that heritage, our contemporary contributions will surely benefit those who follow us."

The University's choice of Heritage Center as the formal name for the Fine, Performing Arts, Worship, and Campus Center also reflects its most basic function and form.  Programmatically, the building will function as a central gathering location for the entire campus.  Geographically, the building is located at the midpoint of the campus between the twentieth century northern edge along University Avenue and the 21st century southern boundary along Highway 20.  The student's nickname for the building, "The Wave," reflects its architecture and its iconic status on campus.

For the first time at the University, Heritage Center will provide a place where the entire University family can gather to recreate, study, learn, worship, participate in co-curricular activities, and share a meal - the center of community life. 

At approximately 80,000 square feet, the building will be a virtuoso performer in the UD campus' architectural ‘ensemble.' The exterior's flowing organic forms define each façade with a visual expression of music.  These horizontal and vertical forms continue to the interior, with serpentine pathways, free-form finish elements and curvilinear gathering and work places.  The building is designed to exude artistic expression in and of itself, from afar and from within. 

The primary functions of the building can be categorized as a casual student campus center and formal public areas, with overlaps of each meant to encourage interaction and interest.  The student areas are designed to provide educational spaces, group and individual study settings, student services, offices, and hospitality; the public areas provide performance venues, associated gathering spaces, gallery space, heritage display - a venue for archival and heritage articles and artifacts from the University of Dubuque's long and storied history - offices, and hospitality.

Heritage Center will further the University's Mission and Vision of developing well-rounded, informed, and culturally-literate students.  With Art by Osmosisas the overarching theme of the Center, people of all walks are invited to happen upon Art in its myriad forms, intentionally and accidentally, as they visit the new center for their work, study, recreation, and entertainment. 

In a very visible way, the name of this new construction Heritage Center joins us to our founder, Adrian VanVliet; the generations who followed to the present era, and on into those who will carry this Mission into a future where we believe "the best is yet to be."