UD Receives Multi-million Dollar Gift for Scholarship Endowment

Sep 29, 2012 | University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

University President Jeffrey F. Bullock today announced a $12 million commitment from a University supporter designated for student scholarship endowment.  The donor has requested anonymity at this time.

"On behalf of the University, I want to express my gratitude to our donor for this very generous gift providing financial support for our students," stated President Bullock.  Over the last decade, financial commitments from members of the Board of Trustees and friends of the University have made all the difference in our ability to become the place which our Mission challenges us to be.  This gift helps us to make real progress in providing institutional financial support for students, reducing their reliance on loans and, in some cases, multiple part-time jobs."

One of the most pressing concerns for students and their families at most all colleges and universities is financing their investment in higher education. This worry is, in part, addressed with the receipt of this significant contribution to the endowment.  In the University's action plan focused on 2028, Trustees have set an ambitious endowment goal.  They believe that a strong endowment is necessary to ensure the University's support for student scholarships, operations, and the University's long-term financial health.

"While my family and I have chosen to remain anonymous, our decision in no way diminishes our love for and commitment to UD," commented the donor.  "I am the first person in my family to have the opportunity for both a high school and college education.  Many people supported me and made it possible to be able to stay in school, to graduate, and to build a successful and rewarding career.  Our family feels privileged to have the financial resources to play a part in making an education possible for some of this century's "first generation" students."

The gift comes to the University through a trust agreement that will benefit generations of students for years to come. Please contact David Dendy, vice president for philanthropy, at 563.589.3618 or ddendy@dbq.edu to learn how you can provide financial support for UD.


For additional information please contact University Relations, 563.589.3164.