UD Mediation Team Nationally Ranked

Nov 21, 2011 | University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

During November 10-12, 2011, the University of Dubuque Mediation Team, coached by Professor Ben Bartels, competed in the National Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament.  The team placed 9th in the nation, and three students received individual honors.

Each November the International Academy of Dispute Resolution sponsors an undergraduate competitive contest, the National Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament.  The intent of the tournament is to give students a real-life experience as mediator, an attorney, and client.  Three students make up a team, and each must participate as mediator in one of three preliminary rounds.  Students participating have the opportunity to receive All-American recognition. 

The first day of each tournament is devoted to extensive mediation training, as well as advocacy training.  Emphasis at the tournament is placed on education and fellowship, rather than competition or winning. This year's Tournament was held at Drake Law School in Des Moines.  Competitors included schools such as UW-Madison, Boston University, UW-Milwaukee, and the University of Texas.

The University of Dubuque Team received the Outstanding New School Award and placed 9th in the Mediation Category.  UD is the first school ever to place in the top ten in their first year of competition.  Additionally, three students garnered All-American Honors - earning $6,000 renewable law school scholarships.  One student, Ryan Warner was awarded a three-year, $36,000 law school scholarship.  Ryan was awarded honors in the Client/Advocate Category and the Mediation Category; Konner Higgins was awarded honors in the Client/Advocate Category; and Jessica Seitz was awarded 4th place in the Mediation Category. 

"The weekend was an unbelievable opportunity for our students," stated Professor Bartels.  "For example, one student's judge was the former Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court.  The tournament provides excellent resources and real-life opportunities.  We can be very proud of these students' accomplishments."