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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. This application form is intended for prospective students applying to the following programs: Residential Master of Divinity (MDIV), Distance Master of Divinity (MDVO), Residential Master of Arts in Mission and Discipleship (MAMD), Distance Master of Arts in Mission and Discipleship (MAMDD), Young Adult Ministry Scholars (YAMS), and to the University of Dubuque's college/seminary cooperative degree programs, the 3/3 (BA/MDIV) or 3/2 (BA/MAMD). Please do not use this form if you are applying as an International or Unclassified student.

Additional Applications
Unclassified Students
Christian Leadership Program for Commisioned Ruling Elders
Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL)
Doctor of Ministry Degree (DMIN)

Please take the time to carefully review the application requirements. It is important to note that the Admissions Committee will not review your application until your file is complete. Applications are expected to be completed by June 16, 2020 for admission for the following academic year. Applications completed after June 16 are considered on a space-available basis. Applications for Spring term admission must be submitted by December 1.

If you are applying to the Young Adult Ministry Scholars Program in addition to the MDiv or MAMD, the application deadline is April 1, 2020.

NOTE: All MDiv and MAMD degree students, whether residential or distance, are required to attend courses during the August residency. 

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact our office by phone at 563.589.3405 or e-mail at

Seminary Admissions

Application Instructions
  1. A nonrefundable $30 application fee. You may either call Student Accounts at 563.589.3708 or 563.589.3208 to pay by credit card. Or mail a check to Attn: Seminary Admission, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, 2000 University Avenue, Dubuque, IA 52001.
  2. Request that the appropriate person or institution send to Attn: Seminary Admissions (E-mail: an official transcript of all work done at every college, university, and seminary in which you have studied for academic credit. Please send official copies of your academic records.
  3. If you are currently a student at any institution, the Confidential Report of Academic Standing must be completed.
  4. Provide names and e-mail addresses for three (3) references. You must include a Pastor, a Professor, and a Friend or Colleague. These individuals may not be related to you by blood or marriage. Then contact those references to speak about you in terms of the following (it is your responsibility to contact your references and have them email or mail the Admissions department with this reference):
         A. Your commitment to Christ and gifts for service in the church.
         B. Your leadership ability, maturity, and facility in interpersonal and group relationships.
         C. Your academic ability and intellectual enthusiasm, curiosity, and perceptiveness. 
  5. Compose and attach either on the application or by e-mail ( two essays, each 500 words in length, according to the directions. Essay one is regarding Christian Identity and Service. Essay two concerns discussing a book related to your faith journey.
  6. An interview is required for admission. Please call the admissions office at 563.589.3115 to make arrangements.
  7. A criminal background check will be required. Details on this process will be provided upon application submission.

TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS - Please read before starting application

Personal Information






















Current and Permanent Address Information

Please provide at least one address. If you have an alternate address, then please complete the second address section as well.















I have read the technology requirements and understand that they are essential for successful completion of distance courses offered by the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.






Education History - Undergraduate

Please list all post-secondary educational institutions you have attended, dates of attendance, and degrees you have received.

Name of School Location (City, State) Dates Attended Major (s)

Education History - Graduate School / Theological Seminary

Please complete this section ONLY if you have attended graduate school or another theological seminary.

Name of School Location (City, State) Dates Attended Major (s)

Church Affiliation










Pastor Information





Church History

Please describe in detail your church history. State chronologically (with dates), the names of local congregations with which you have been active. Include any offices held or type of service. Note any long periods of non-membership or inactivity. Begin at your childhood and continue to the present.

You may also send your Church History essay directly to UDTS Admission by e-mail at

Admissions Questions






Financial Aid


Housing (Residential Only)



Recommendation Letters

Who will provide your Letters of Reference?

Masters Programs: 1) pastor 2) professor 3) friend or colleague





In 500 words, tell us about your journey in faith and your experiences in Christian service.

Essay #1 - Christian Identity and Service

Essay #2 - Tell us about a Book Related to Your Faith Journey

You may also e-mail your essay directly to UDTS Admission by e-mail at