Master of Arts Degree in Mission and Discipleship

The Master of Arts in Mission and Discipleship trains followers of Jesus to empower others to join in God’s mission in a variety of callings.  The degree provides broad instruction in the Christian heritage (Scripture, theology, history of Christianity), in understanding cultural context, and in Christian formation, as well as more specialized education in a focused area of Mission and Discipleship. Graduates are equipped to pursue such callings as ministers of outreach, urban ministry, new church development, young adult ministry, teaching, or work with parachurch organizations. The MAMD can be earned in two years in residence or online. Both options require studies on campus during a two-week August intensive.

We are fortunate to have faculty with special expertise in the area of mission, and many other professors who will teach toward this emphasis and provide a strong foundation for the program. Core mission faculty members are: Dr. Bonnie Sue Lewis, Associate Professor of Mission and Native American Christianity; Dr. Christopher James, Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Missional Christianity; and Dr. Beth McCaw, Pastor to Students and Associate Professor in Ministry.