B.A./Seminary Programs 

The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary 3/3 Program is currently under review. We are not currently accepting applications for the 3/3 Program. Current University of Dubuque undergraduate students can reach out to UDTSAdmission@dbq.edu for more information on Seminary courses. 

The University of Dubuque offers the opportunity for a student to complete their B.A. degree and begin their MDiv degree during their final year of undergraduate study. This helps students to save a year of study and has significant financial advantages. Known as the 3/3 program, this course of study involves two components:

  1. Three to four years of undergraduate study. Transfer students must complete at least one full year (a 30 semester hour residency requirement) in the University of Dubuque undergraduate program, and
  2. Three to four years of course work at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.

General 3/3 program information:
Applicants must apply to the undergraduate program. Please first contact Undergraduate Admissions, apply at the undergraduate level, and if accepted, then contact Seminary Admissions for more information.

It is recommended that 3/3 students major in theology or one of the humanities or social sciences. They are encouraged to complete as many undergrad core courses and major requirements as possible in the first 3 years of study, leaving the final year for seminary courses, which will fulfill undergraduate electives.

Students who are in good standing and have completed 92 undergraduate credits are eligible to begin taking seminary courses. These courses will count twice: first toward the 120 hours required for the undergraduate degree, and then toward the 75 hours required for the seminary M.Div. degree. Students may include up to 25 credits in seminary courses toward their degree requirements during the final semesters of undergraduate study.

Tuition will be charged at the undergraduate rate until the requirements for the B.A. degree are completed. Credits earned after the completion of the bachelor's degree will be charged at the seminary rate.

Financial aid will be determined according to the undergraduate policy until completion of the B.A. degree. 

By February 1 of the final undergrad year students will formally apply to the seminary for admission

Similar programs exist for the other seminary degrees: a 3/2 program for undergraduate students desiring to enter the 40-credit Master of Arts in Mission and Discipleship program, and a 3/1 program for undergraduate students desiring to enter the 30-credit Master of Arts in Christian Leadership program.

For more information, please contact Seminary Admissions | 800.369.UDTS | UDTSAdmission@dbq.edu