Non-Degree Programs: Unclassified Students

The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary offers graduate level theology courses online for those who are admitted as Unclassified Students. Three Master of Divinity credit hours are earned for successful completion of each course.  A Bachelor’s Degree is necessary to apply for participation in these courses.  Early application is highly recommended as enrollment is limited.  Tuition for these courses is $660* per credit hour and is non-refundable.  Unclassified students may take up to six hours per semester, three hours in the January or August term, or six hours during the summer.  Unclassified students wishing to enroll for more than the above number of hours must first obtain the written permission of the Dean of the seminary.  Those who obtain such permission and who register for nine semester hours or more will be subject to the student fee.  A student may earn a maximum of 12 credits in unclassified status.  To continue beyond 12 credits, the student must apply to a degree program, or apply for permission of the Academic and Student Affairs committee to continue as an unclassified student.

1. UNCLASSIFIED STUDENT ADMISSION FORM: Anyone who desires to take courses online must first be admitted to the seminary. Upon admission, you will be able to continue to take up to 12 credits in a 2 year period. To apply for admission as an Unclassifed Student, click here.

To view course descriptions for these and all Masters level classes available for the upcoming term: CLICK HERE

J-Term 2018 (J-Term is 2 weeks pre-load online, 2 weeks in residence (Jan 8 - 19), and 2 weeks of post load. Full J-Term dates are as follows: Dec 26 - Feb 2)

  • HT521: United Methodist History  |  Elmer Colyer
  • HT584: Theology of C.S. Lewis  |  Bradley Longfield
  • MN506: The Young Adult World  |  Susan Forshey

Spring - 2018 Term - Online Classes (Spring Semester begins January 30, 2018)

  • BI502: New Testament Greek 1  |  Jordan Ryan
  • BI550: Introduction to New Testament  |  Jordan Ryan
  • BI631: Isaiah (English Exegesis)  |  Matthew Schlimm
  • BI624: Hebrew Exegesis |  Matthew Schlimm
  • HT502: Reformation and Modern Church History  |  Bradley Longfield
  • HT556: Christian Doctrine II  |  Elmer Colyer
  • HT640: Building Bridges (Christianity and World Religions)  |  Bonnie Sue Lewis
  • MN501: Leading Worship  |  Timothy Slemmons
  • MN578: Caregiving I  |  Beth McCaw
  • MN630: Starting Missional Communities  |  Christopher James
  • MN651: Leaders as Stewards (Prerequisite is MN601)  |  Loren Shellabarger

Term Application Deadline   Start Date
December 11, 2017
January 15, 2018
December 26, 2017
January 30, 2017

*tuition subject to change
*Some courses have prerequisites. Students must take the Online Learning Certification Course (OLC) prior to taking course with UDTS.

Contact Seminary Admissions at 800.369.UDTS or; if you have any questions about the application, admission, or registration process.