Christian Leadership Program

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Policies and Mission Statement

UDTS Mission Statement

UDTS learning is a ministry of the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and as such is committed to the mission and policies of the seminary.

A Community after God's Heart:
Shaped by Faith in the One God, 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
We seek to follow Jesus,
Walk in the Spirit.
Join God's Mission. 

We are a Christian seminary dedicated to forming God's people for ministry and mission:

  • Gathering in gratitude and faithfulness, to be reformed according to the Word of God.
  • Growing in the Church's biblical faith in the Triune God.
  • Excelling in theological education and scholarship.
  • Engaging the changing needs of the Church and World.

Students who apply for and are accepted into classes offered by UDTSlearning should understand that UDTSlearning embraces and works to fulfill the seminary mission.

UDTS learning embraces the equal opportunity policy of UDTS. UDTSlearning reserves the right to prevent persons from taking classes or dismiss students from classes when in the opinion of the Director of UDTSlearning and instructors, the student is disruptive or otherwise deemed unacceptable for the program. The normal policies and procedures of UDTS will apply to any relevant circumstances in UDTSlearning.

UDTS learning reserves the right to correct errors and change or amend its rules, regulations, and procedures without obligation or prior notice and in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Our Policies

CLP/CRE students may register for courses by contacting the Seminary Distance Education Coordinator, Carla Gibbons in the Distance Education office at 563.589.3630.

Payments and Billing 
CLP/CRE students may make payments to UDTS Distance Education office or by using PayPal through

Withdrawal from Class
Students must withdrawal from classes on or prior to the first day of class in order to receive a refund. Exceptions to these guidelines can be made only after communicating with the instructor in a timely fashion and with the permission of our program director.  Please contact us with questions.

CLP/CRE students will not receive a refund for withdrawals requested after the first day of class.

CLP Pass/Fail Guidelines
To pass a CRE/CLP course, students must participate on time in at least 75% of the course, AND do passable work on the course assignments. 

Class size/Waiting List
CLP/CRE classes are limited to 20 students per course.  If a class has reached its 20 student capacity, a waiting list will be kept.  Students will be contacted if an opening occurs prior to the course date.  If the number of students on the waiting list exceeds 6 students, a second section of the course will be created. 

Non Attendance at Class
Nonattendance at class means that a student does not check in with the class, complete assignments or participate in the discussion. The discussions are the equivalent of "going to class."  Students should notify their instructor if they cannot complete an assignment or assignments within the week that they need permission for the incomplete.   If a student is absent from a class for two weeks and there has been no communication with the instructor, a grade of "No Credit" will be entered on the student record. Further enrollment in classes will need permission of the Associate Dean. 

It is very important that you stay in touch with your instructor and with our office for any enrollment issues. In the Online Learning Certification Course there are a couple of assignments that have to do with the nature of online learning - particularly the need for discipline. Our system is designed to offer convenience of online learning with building community and moving through a class as a group. This is especially important for Christian spiritual formation. You have a covenant with your classmates to not only engage the course work, but to share in the experience.

CLP/CRE courses are graded according to pass/fail guidelines.  CLP/CRE Courses that are taken for college credit are graded by letter grade only. 

Internet Etiquette Policy
All posts should reflect Christian character: Do solid work, "as unto the Lord." Do your own work; "Thou shalt not steal." Be kind; "Speak the truth in love."
Inflammatory or insulting posts will be deleted, and can result in discipline, per institutional policy.

The Seminary defines plagiarism as the copying or use of another person's work in any form without acknowledgment. Students shall not represent the work of another as their own or in a way misrepresent their own work, or the work of another. The use of any outside source, whether of idea or of paraphrase, shall be properly acknowledged. Any quotation, even of phrase, shall be marked by quotation marks. Misrepresentation shall be avoided. The first offense of plagiarism once established, will be penalized with an "F" on the assignment.  Second offense, once established, results in failure of the course. A third offense, once established, may result in dismissal from the Seminary.  The Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Seminary, with the Dean, shall adjudicate all claims of cheating and, with the Dean, enforce this policy.  Appeals of the decision of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee can be directed to the President through the Associate Dean.  The decision of the President is final.

Time Management
It is important to work diligently in these classes.  Quality classes, an excellent faculty, and interaction with students from all over the country make this a valuable learning experience. 

One key to success in online learning is to put specific time commitments in your calendar to do the class work.  If you do the work "when you get a chance," you may be rushing the reading and assignments near the end of the week.  Your work will suffer and the value of the course will be diminished.  

For more information: CLICK HERE  or contact Carla Gibbons ( | 563.589.3630).