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Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about the Christian Leadership Program?

A: Please contact us at 563.589.3261 or

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Q: Can I enroll in an online course if I am going to be traveling or on vacation during the course?

A: If you are able to keep up with the course work and can access your course while traveling, there is no problem. If you are going to miss one or two weeks of class participation, you may communicate with your instructor to make arrangements for the absence. If you are going to miss more than two weeks of class discussion, you should wait until the next offering of the course to participate.

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Q: Can I work ahead on assignments?

A: Assignments may be posted ahead at the discretion of the class instructor. You may communicate directly with your instructor for details on submitting work ahead of time. You will not be able to post to the discussion board ahead of time. The discussion board is class time. In other words, instead of having to travel to a physical classroom, you are able to come to class virtually. The discussion board interaction takes the place of a physical gathering of the class. This is more convenient and allows for some flexibility during the week. The weekly discussion topics are normally posted by instructors one week at a time. Using the "bricks and mortar" analogy, when a student asks to post to the discussion ahead of time, it is equivalent to coming to a classroom when the class will be discussing material for the week and asking to give your classroom input for the following week or two.

The short answer is: You may ask your instructor for permission to work ahead on assignments, but you will miss the discussion and interaction for any given week when you cannot participate.

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Q: How many courses can I take at one time? How long does it take to finish the eight basic courses required for Presbyterian (USA) students?

A: Our recommendation is that students who are working outside the home full-time or in the home with full time responsibilities should take no more than two courses at one time.

Taking two classes at a time makes it possible for a student to complete the basic courses in approximately two years. The least amount of time to complete the basic courses would be nine months.

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Q: Do I really have to take the Online Learning Certification Course? Is it really necessary?

A: There is a dual purpose to the course. [1] To become familiar with our particular online course and discussion board. [2] To experience an online course with other persons seeking theological instruction, begin to experience Christian community online, and share something of the expectations, of lay ministry.

If you feel you have sufficient experience in both of these goals for our initial online course, please send an email to Nicky Willis, Director of Technology ( and include your experience with both [1] and [2] above and requesting a waiver of this course.

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Q: What kind of grading system is used for this program?

A: Our CLP students are graded on a pass/fail basis. CLP courses offered for college credit will be graded by letter grade only. Course expectations and requirements are described in the course syllabus.

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Q: Are there any financial assistance/scholarship/grant resources available for this program?

A: There is no financial assistance for CLP courses. Some students receive support from their local churches, or denominational judicatories.

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Q: How do I do an email attachment?

A: Each email provider is a bit different. For a bit of training, contact Nicky Willis, Director of Technology at

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Q: What are the CLP technical requirements?

A: You can find the technical requirements by clicking HERE.

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