Summer Programs

Each summer the Schools of Theology in Dubuque offer intensive courses in Biblical Greek. The summer language program takes place on the Wartburg campus and fulfills Dubuque Seminary’s M.Div. Greek requirements. No UDTS tuition grants are available for summer language study, although student loans are available.

UDTS offers Distance Master’s classes during the summer. We regularly offer courses required by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and other Reformed denominations. Many students find these classes are an excellent preparation for ordination exams. Many students utilize the summer months for service in Supervised Practice of Ministry (S.P.M.) positions (see Supervised Practice of Ministry in the Academic Regulations section) or in Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.). S.P.M. and summer internships are available across the United States and usually pay a stipend, as well as being a source of credit toward degree program requirements. Summer S.P.M. and C.P.E. courses must be registered and paid for as summer courses.

Other courses are sometimes offered on a rotating basis, including Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, the Theology of John Calvin, and other selected electives. For more information: CLICK HERE